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About Pankaj

Pankaj is a Certified Life Coach and the creator of ilife innovation center. 

He runs this enterprise, featuring some awesome inspiration, tools and strategies, to help you rise and shine through life, no matter what! 

After spending eight years in corporate life, performing in various roles in various companies like lCICI Bank, HDFC Bank, SKF Bearings, Star India and Kinetic Engineering Ltd,  he finally decided to start his own coaching enterprise to pursue his passion. This shift gave a completely new meaning to his life. A liberating feeling of doing what you really enjoy doing. No more experiencing of the 'something is missing' feeling.

Before coaching, he scratched his brains, for a few leading companies, to create effective innovation practices for strategy, training and business development. While doing so, he came across stuff on innovation, success, coaching, NLP, spirituality and human behavior. He immersed himself completely in these areas going through anything and everything that he could lay his hands on. It was an evolving experience that changed him completely. 

Pankaj has been coaching people since 2013 and is trained as a life coach, holds a Masters Degree in Operations management and is also a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner.

He believes that all of us are our own best inner counselor and coach, however, sometimes we simply need someone else to help get us started. We can all learn from each other.

 A Note from Pankaj

ilife innovation center was born out of my own experience of attending corporate trainings and self development programs. I realized that for most of the participants, these programs were boring and not practical. They were just programs that sounded ideal, with nice looking presentations and entertaining trainers. Very few programs focused on results and actual execution.

I felt that Self Learning needs to happen differently. If Personal Improvement is fundamental to an individual’s growth and progress, why can’t it be made more realistic and interesting?

My attempt through my programs and workshops is to help you innovate and progress for better. I do that by simplifying stuff for you. No complicated stuff. I keep the content rooted to reality. I design programs which are fun and yet have a real learning element to them. I promise a learning experience where the participants actually take back something that they can start implementing with immediate effect.  

I am not going to paint rosy pictures about your concern areas. I do not overload you with information for your needs. I will help you find real solutions. I will push you to explore possibilities. I will make you think.

Ultimately whatever we will do, we will learn from each other. And while doing so, I will ensure that you are having fun.

My programs are designed and customized to your specific requirement. Every individual is unique.

So open up and let me know your goals & objectives. Let us together plan and strategize the roadmap for achieving your goals.

I honestly ensure that these programs are dynamic and consistently deliver the desired impact. These are continuously updated as I am constantly looking for better ways to help individuals innovate and progress for better.

You've tried so many others. May be its time to try something that gives RESULTS.

So, are you ready and willing to innovate your lives and to transform your life experience?

If yes, contact me to know the program that suits you the best.

Imagine Innovate Inspire.