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Keep Pumping - A Hard little secret in the Journey of your dreams

Here is a hard little secret about achieving your dreams that most people won’t tell you…

The journey of your Dreams is NOT an ongoing, straight-line upward progression.

What I’ve found in my own life, and in the lives of my highly successful friends and coaching clients, is that success or …

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Hard Realizations in the path of success

Have you noticed that most of us often look at successful people in hopes of somehow knowing their magic formula?

Many have done this and fallen into the trap of thinking that there is one magic solution for success and that it can be replicated by anyone with enough sheer will and desire. Cle…

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Making Happy Career Choices

‘What you have is all God’s gift to you. What you do with what you have is your gift to him’.

Sachin Tendulkar started playing cricket at the age of 6. Michael Schumacher started Go-karting at the age of 4. Lata Mangeshkar started singing at the age of 6. Very few people start early in thei…

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Innovate Life

Human beings have been inventing and reinventing machines, products and processes for years together in search of a better life. The quest for excellence has been unending.

Let it be designing the cheapest/ fastest / most efficient automobiles or designing fastest computers or designing more user f…

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Mediocre or Amazing? What describes your Life?

If your answer is not Amazing life, then you should be a little worried.

Actually, you should be very worried. You should drop everything, find a mirror, look yourself in your eyes and immediately question,

What is my reason to live?

Ask yourself, do I have the real life skills to live an amazi…

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Belief and Reality

Sky diving is difficult. Is it a belief or a reality?

Doing business is difficult. Is it a belief or a reality?

Making money is difficult. Is it a belief or a reality?

What do you believe? How do you believe?

How are beliefs formed for you?

Are you sure that whatever you believe is truth?


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When you were born you were creative and fearless.

As a child, everything was possible for you.

You put the towel over your back and then you became a Superman. You climbed up the tree, not knowing that you might fall.

Whatever came to your mind, you did, not thinking whether it was possible…

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