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Belief and Reality

Sky diving is difficult. Is it a belief or a reality?

Doing business is difficult. Is it a belief or a reality?

Making money is difficult. Is it a belief or a reality?

What do you believe? How do you believe?

How are beliefs formed for you?

Are you sure that whatever you believe is truth?

Do your beliefs change?

When you were young you were told, on Christmas Eve, Santa will come and bless you with his gifts. Eventually, as you grew old you realized, it’s a belief and not a reality.

In good old days, people believed that earth was flat, till it was discovered that it is round in shape. It was realized that the age old belief was not a reality.

Ask yourself, what are my beliefs? Are they true?

For example, I can never be slim or I cannot do public speaking or I cannot get up early in the morning.

Or dreams are just dreams, they can never be reality or being successful is difficult or Maintaining relationships are difficult or being healthy is asking for too much.

Now most of you must be thinking, all these things are easier to say than to do.

Well, is this thought a belief or reality?

If it’s a belief, then how do a few people manage to excel in these areas with ease whereas others feel it impossible?

How do patients with little hope as per doctors, manage to get well and recover from life threatening diseases?

How do athletes achieve results which are seemingly impossible for humans?

It’s their belief that sets them apart from the rest; the strong Belief that they have in themselves, their ideas, their dreams and their abilities.

Ask yourself: Does reality shapes your belief or does belief shapes your reality?

Does what you believe matters in how you experience your reality?

YES it does.

And since it does, your answer to these questions has the power to change the way you live your life. With that one answer, you can choose to either give up or take control of your life.

Good news is beliefs can be changed.

You are not at the mercy of your past experiences, unless you believe that you are.

You are free to break away from any past conditioning or limiting beliefs by simply changing your thoughts. When you change your beliefs, you change everything.

Your future is not a random phenomenon; its design lies in your own thoughts.

Your reality can always be changed and can be created from your thoughts and beliefs.

The possibilities of your future are infinite and they depend on what you think, believe and do today.

The present is the seed by which the future will be created. The future is dynamic and the power to shape it lies within you.

You hold within you your own destiny. Change your thoughts and you will change your future.

Change the beliefs that are limiting and holding you back, and create powerful new beliefs that serve and uplift you, beliefs that will take you wherever you wish to go.

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