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Hard Realizations in the path of success

Have you noticed that most of us often look at successful people in hopes of somehow knowing their magic formula?

Many have done this and fallen into the trap of thinking that there is one magic solution for success and that it can be replicated by anyone with enough sheer will and desire. Clearly this is not true.

Yes, success does leave clues but clues are not the entire story.

And of course, it also makes sense to learn lessons from people who have achieved the goals we want. They did something right and some of their ingredients may indeed work in your success recipe too.

However, you need to walk your own success path. You will have people around to guide you and help you but the journey is yours and you have to complete it.

Realizing this and taking full responsibility for yourself makes a huge difference.

Know yourself, your desires, your abilities, and your unique gifts that would increase your chances of actually being successful substantially.

Here are some key realizations that I believe you should consider along your path to success.

  • There is no magic formula

Sometimes we tend to look for a magic formula to be cracked that would give us the much desired success. Thinking that life post the success would be easy, abundant and problem free is an illusion. Successful people have put a lot of effort into achieving their success. Most of the time success hasn’t fallen into their lap. To achieve success in any area of life we need to put in the effort to move towards our goal.

  •  Life is never problem free

Life is never solved. I have realized that every phase of life brings new sets of challenges that we might not have previously thought about! As you scale higher levels in life, you will notice that there is no problem free place to get to! Doing what you love every day and accepting the challenges that come along the way is the way of life. Problems and challenges should spur you to put in more effort to move to your desires. 

  • It’s about the journey not the destination

While the end result may be a great new product or service, it’s the process of developing that idea that often builds your character and provides the most learning opportunities. Remember something significant you have achieved or something important where you failed. Now look at the lessons you learned along the way. Would you really have learnt them if you could have fast forwarded to the result? However difficult things may be it has made us who we are today.

  • There are no shortcuts

As life has become fast and we have more gadgets and technology to make life easier, we are getting used to quick fixes. If we don’t achieve something quickly we think it’s not worth achieving or that it is taking too long. Life is not a race. We don’t have a mandate of speed at which we have to travel through life. Enjoy what you are doing. Enjoy the process of evolving. Understand that masterpieces will take their required time.

  • Nothing replaces hard work

As I said before, there is no ‘quick fix’. Masterpieces do take time. We need to learn to develop the skills of being persistent and keeping the bigger picture in mind. I think this is why some people say that personal development books don’t work. What they are forgetting is that the missing link is hard work. Reading any book or going to any seminar alone will not change our life. Knowledge, taking action, having inspiration, hard work and persistence is what will make the difference.

  •  You can’t be taught ‘passion’

It is for us alone to find our passion. No one can teach us their passion. May be others can help us find our passion and can also share their experiences in a way that can help us find our own. But our passion is fundamentally different from others. It is a unique blend of our own inner whisperings, life experiences and individual skills and talents. It is our job to try new experiences in order to hunt our passion(s) down.

  •  Trust your inner voice

We might have the help of good mentors. We also can learn from others who are successful in our area of interest. But, remember that we all have a unique path and it is our job to work out how to march on that path. Sometimes the reason we look to others for answers is because we don’t trust our inner voice. We don’t trust ourselves to do our own thing, to take a risk and to shine. Learn to trust your inner voice. Start today, listen to what your intuition is saying and start doing what feels right for you.

Start seeing through the illusions around the path of success. Get clear on where you are and what you need to do to go where you want to be.

Things become much easier once we take responsibility for our own success. Create your own path of success.

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