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Innovate Life

Human beings have been inventing and reinventing machines, products and processes for years together in search of a better life. The quest for excellence has been unending.

Let it be designing the cheapest/ fastest / most efficient automobiles or designing fastest computers or designing more user friendly softwares, we have always longed and loved to have more.

Innovation is a concept that is used in various fields to make products/ processes better.

It can be broadly defined as analyzing existing products/ processes, identifying opportunities to improve, eliminating flaws and redesigning it to create a new process.

How about applying this concept to Life? Innovating Life?

Hypothetical Question. But worth a thought.

What is it that you would like to change in your life? What is it that you would have done if you had an option to redesign your life?

Imagine all the things that you can do better, given a chance?

We all have had our own share of experiences that life has offered. It has been unique for each one of us. We all have had our learnings from the ‘University of Life’.

It’s rightly said, Experience is the best teacher.

Now with your experience and imagination, try applying the concept of Innovation to your life.

I tried and here are a few of my learnings:

Value Time more than money. It cannot be earned back.

Family is not replaceable, job is.  If something goes wrong at job, we have a second option. For family, we don’t.

Specialize in what you love to do and find a way to make a living doing that. It can’t get better than this. If it does not work out, don’t stop doing what you love to do. Ensure you squeeze out time for what you love, it will keep you alive.

Make sure your loved ones know that you love and care for them, no matter how busy you are. No assumptions. It works wonders.

Read books instead of watching TV. Even an hour a day, makes 365 hours a year. Imagine the knowledge you would have.

Spend your Income on things whose value increase with time, rather than immediate pleasure. It doesn’t last long.

Focus first on needs and then on wants. Use common sense for your budgeting.

Take risks but calculate the risks before taking them.

Plan your life but have time for unplanned activities too. 

Live/ Cherish every moment. Nothing lasts forever.

Reach for your inner self before reaching for God. You will find the solution.

At times, It’s better to defeat your ego than to defeat your loved ones.

Failures are blessings in disguise.

Understanding someone does not mean you have to agree on everything.

Be healthy. Save money. Spend on Gym rather than insurance.

One thing at a time. Forget everything else.

Sleep Less. Wake up to life.

Don’t do things just because everyone else is doing them. Choose what you want to do consciously.

Body is the temple of your soul. Take care.

Keep exploring life. Reenergize your mind.

And Love Yourself.  We often forget to do that.

Innovate and Refresh your life.

It’s never late. Live better…

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