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Keep Pumping - A Hard little secret in the Journey of your dreams

Here is a hard little secret about achieving your dreams that most people won’t tell you…

The journey of your Dreams is NOT an ongoing, straight-line upward progression.

What I’ve found in my own life, and in the lives of my highly successful friends and coaching clients, is that success or upward progress often comes to us in big acheivements, followed by plateaus.

If you’ve ever worked at a sport, lost weight, or learned to play an instrument, you know that progress is never linear. Inevitably you will encounter plateaus, even setbacks, in your development.

In your effort to improve an area of your life or work there are times when it may seem like you are not making any progress or forward momentum. And then, there are also times when you take a big achievement and jump up to the next level!

The most critical times are the ones when you face a setback. Your ultimate success lies in the way you respond to the challenge or setback? People who understand success or progress know how to use setbacks to their advantage.

This holds true in so many areas of life…From growing your business, to practicing a skill or talent, to improving your health and even in strengthening your relationships.

Even though you feel like you are “doing everything right”, you don’t see immediate and measurable progress or results.

This causes most people to quit and say, “This stuff doesn’t work!”

They justify their giving up by telling themselves, “I did everything that I could but I didn’t get the promised result!”

What they don’t understand is, what they were doing WAS working, and had they just kept going just a bit longer the results would have begun pouring in.

It’s a bit like using one of those old-fashion, manual water pumps.

You have to pump, and pump, and pump and pump and nothing comes out. So most people think, “the well is dry. There is no water down there.” So they stop pumping.

But what they don’t see, is that the entire time they were pumping, water was slowly rising up the pipe, getting closer and closer to pouring out of the spigot.

The problem is, as soon as they stop pumping, the water level drops all the way back down the pipe to the bottom!

So if they want the water, they will have to start pumping all over again from the beginning.

The trick to making those old hand-pumps work is to KEEP PUMPING!

Because as soon as the water starts flowing, it becomes so much easier to keep it flowing.

You no longer have to keep pumping hard…

You can ease off and give it a gentle pump here and there and the water keeps pouring out. But if you pause long enough for the water to stop flowing and fall back down the pipe, you have to start all over!

This is why building and maintaining MOMENTUM is so critical in the journey of your dreams.

People are so used to instant gratification these days, they simply give up and quit when they don’t see immediate results.

That is why the most prominent trait among the world-class and highly successful individuals is PERSISTENCE.


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thanks for new way of thinking towards a goal..Small Setbacks and plateau should not make me feel that I am out of the run..but keep on trying more...