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When you were born you were creative and fearless.

As a child, everything was possible for you.

You put the towel over your back and then you became a Superman. You climbed up the tree, not knowing that you might fall.

Whatever came to your mind, you did, not thinking whether it was possible or not. You simply did it.

You just had an idea and you made it happen, because you believed.

You were creative and open to all possibilities and had a strong belief to make it happen.

And then you got older. And things became different. You changed.

You started moving from being creative and having self belief to being fearful, doubtful, and judgmental.

When people shouted at you, you feared doing what you wanted and saying what you felt. You thought it was better to stop speaking your mind.

When you failed at something, you thought you could never make it.

You did not perform as well as you wanted and you judged yourself as a failure.

You thought risks should not be taken. It won’t be easy.

You had a brilliant business idea that could generate lot of wealth and lot of jobs, but you did not take the step because you were not sure. You had doubt and fear.

You didn’t take action and your idea remained an idea and did not become a reality.  

People said your dreams were impossible and you believed them. And now you don’t dream anymore.

Someone said something is wrong with you and you started to believe that something is wrong with you.

Someone stopped speaking to you and you felt people do not like you.

You started feeling alone and felt, you have to do it all on your own. You thought asking for help is weak.

You looked at other people and thought they were better than you. You stopped liking you and being you.

You felt life is unfair and you questioned God.

Now, it’s time to start being who you are.

You are unique. You are gifted. There is no one any better or worse than you. You are not alone.

Whatever you experienced in your life happened for a reason. Learn from the experiences and grow.

Ask for help. The universe is there for you.

Know who you are. Know your purpose of being.

Imagine when you were a child, if that idea had come by, could you have taken action? When back then, you strongly believed anything was possible, could you have stifled yourself by fear and doubt?

Believe in yourself, it is never too late; you just need to have an idea to make it happen. You still can, if you believe.

It all starts from a belief. Believe.

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