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Experience the Joy of Sharing!

Change is possible. Share happiness, success and inspiration;

Help others by sharing your experiences and advice related to change.

Here is your chance to improve your life and life of others, join us today.

Share stuff on personal achievement and self development featuring real life inspiration on personal & professional life success. 

No criteria for who you are or where you are from. If you have a story to tell, a story of success, joy or inspiration; no more waiting for permission; unleash your awesomeness!

What I’m looking for:

 1.  Your Real life inspirational stories - of how you made life innovate from the inside out. Meaning, how you changed your life and became more positive by changing your thoughts, beliefs, actions, behaviors. Whether it’s related to general happiness, jobs, relationships etc, I want to hear true accounts of how you made it happen.

By sharing your story you can inspire and help others! Your story can be anonymous if you prefer.

If you have something to share and have never written before, that’s totally fine. We can all learn something from each other.

2.  Other Articles featuring stuff to make life better and joyful.

Sample Categories

Challenges, Change, Clarity, Confidence, Creativity, Depression, Fear, Goals, Gratitude, Habits, Happiness, Health, Life lessons, Meaning & purpose, Mindset, Motivation, Personal Finances, Personal Growth, Positivity, Productivity, Relationships, Self Awareness, Self Discovery, Success, Travel, Well being, Wisdom, Work 

Why write for ilife innovation center?

  • You get to showcase your insights, knowledge, expertise.
  • Your work gets shared on social networking sites.
  • You’re helping millions of potential new readers to make life simple and better.
  • You get to experience the Joy of Sharing!

Email me at with “Joy of Sharing” in the subject heading.Please be patient, it can take a few weeks to schedule.


  •  Story Posts must be original.
  • Other articles should mention source of origin.
  • Connect to your readers by seeking their attention by following the rule of 3 Es – Educate, Entertain or Empower, using your story. 
  • Use your own style for writing.
  • Length around 500 – 1200 words approx. Short enough to strike the chord, long enough to be engaging
  • Try to engage readers by including a thought provoking question or encouraging  actionable steps


  • Send your posts in a word doc and put “Joy of Sharing” in the email subject heading.
  • Attach a pic if possible to the email. (optional)
  • Put your name in the actual document & pic, i.e. YourName.Doc/YourNamePic.jpg.
  • Include a cool title + question + related inspiring quote if possible.
  • Short bio (50-70 words) with website + social media links in the doc

I  may edit your post for grammar/formatting/flow/relevancy to reflect the vibrancy of ilife innovation center. This isn’t a reflection on your writing, just about the right fit for my readers. Thanks for understanding

I’m looking forward for stuff from you! Thanks for your interest. Once again.

Imagine  Innovate Inspire


ps: Please be patient it may take me some time to read & get back to you. I’ll email you when  I’ll be publishing your post . Thank you for understanding!!