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Coaching Process

Coaching sessions are conducted by phone, Skype or in person if you live in Pune area. A minimum three-month commitment is required up front.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time who are committed to being held accountable, showing up 100% for each session, and are willing to break out of their comfort zone. If you are interested in coaching, connect with me for a free consultation with you to explore how coaching works.

Coaching Methodology

 1. One to One Coaching sessions generally take place over the phone/skype unless it is decided that the sessions will occur in person.

2. Each session lasts for one hour and takes place once a week. I prefer to work with clients for a minimum period of 3 months.

3. As per the requirement, clients are given weekly assignments and simple new steps to be incorporated within their current lifestyle. These assignments are very important to the development of the individual’s coaching progress and should be completed/reviewed before the next coaching session takes place.

5. During the week, I stay in touch with my clients through SMS/Email/WhatsApp etc., whichever method of communication that is considered most convenient by the client.

6. If it is decided that the sessions will take place in person, a quiet location will be chosen to achieve maximum impact.

I listen with understanding and guarantee complete confidentiality. My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest, and rewarding.

I promise an experience that will not only stretch you, but that will be more fun than you have ever imagined possible. I don’t pretend that our coaching partnership will be effortless, but it will be extraordinarily rewarding.

 Unconditional Happiness Guarantee

If you do not see any impact or desired change by the end of the first 4 weeks of coaching,  a 100% refund will be offered including the used sessions.

The Coaching sessions are result oriented and are proven after handling numerous clients.

The process has been designed to suit individual specific needs and has consistently delivered desired results.

Coaching can only succeed if you are truly committed to achieving your goals.

If you do not see any value in the coaching sessions I’m offering you a refund option so that you can opt to discontinue by the end of first 4 weeks of coaching.