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Why work with us?

 Real Simple Practical Solutions

No complicated theories. Only ideas that the clients can start using immediately.

Complete Personal Transformation

I work with you on every sphere of your life,personal or professional; career, finances, relationships, health and emotions. I believe, to succeed you need to have balanced growth.

Experiential Learning Method

Focus is on Learning by Doing, application of strategies and generating results. I will help you close the gap between knowing and doing. 

Customized Solutions

The programs are customized and specific as per your requirement. Every individual is unique and has his own set of focus areas to improve. The process is designed as per your context and hence, you  can work on your own focus areas which are most important to you now.

International Certified Coach

You will work with a internationally certified coach to meet your individual needs. I as a coach, will provide you with the necessary tools, support, structure and accountability to ensure that you stay on track and take consistent action to guarantee the results you desire the most.

Our specialty programs 

  •  Innovate You Coaching

A specially designed coaching program focuses on discovering answers to the 3 most important questions for anyone, "What is that you really really want, What’s preventing you from having it and How do you change your life now?"

It is a simple and effective personal innovation system that is based on experiential learning that empowers you to discover the new better YOU. A better YOU in every sphere of life, career, finances, relationships, health and emotions.The changes that you will experience will not be temporary but will be lasting and at a deeper subconscious level. Join me in this journey to innovate your lives, to create a brand new YOU.

You can be anyone, Professional, Student, Trainee, Housewife, or Entrepreneur; as long as you are hungry and willing to be more, do more in life. You can join me to experience the journey of discovering and actualizing your truest potential and the  joy of innovating the new YOU.

for more details, check Innovate You Coaching section 

  • Gen Y coaching

A specially designed program for the graduating students and young professionals. Discover the answers to the questions: “Who are you, What do you want, and How do you get it?” The emphasis is on radical self-reflection and self innovation while offering practical direction.

The program is designed after a discussion with numerous MBA and engineering graduates struggling with questions about themselves and their lives. The program gives a roadmap for life for people of all ages which includes discovery, knowing yourself, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, values and clarity of purpose.

for more details, check Gen Y Coaching section